This site is for all of us, so join in and let the acting community in on something exciting from your journal.

How to Contribute

Just send along your own acting insight to or fill out the form below.

Review Process

We will review each of the submissions that we receive and post them to the site. Along with the posted journal entry, we will create a page for that author so that any future contributions from them will be grouped together and our visitors can browse authors that they jive with.

In general we will review content to make sure it adds to the community, and is not inflammatory. We want this to be a place of learning, and the best learning is done when there is a sense of trust. If submitted content has a good overall bit of inspiration, but the specifics get a little dicey, we may either ask for a rewrite, or publish an edited version of the content with the author name hidden until the author approves of our edits and is happy to have his or her name attached to it.

General Guidelines

This site is about the craft of acting, and not about the business side of things. There are plenty of sites dedicated to that. We want to create a community of people who are thrilled to share the little (or big) epiphanies that strike us all every now and again. Maybe in the future we will add some thoughts on business stuff, but for now we want to delve into the craft.

Keep it positive. We want people to feel honored if they are mentioned by name here, and to have no reservations about adding to The Journal. We recognize, though, that sometimes we learn from negative experiences. So if your “ah ha” moment does involve a bit of negativity, it is preferred that you mention no names and that you handle the telling of your story with love for your fellow actors and creators.

Tell us if you want recognition. It is possible that the story or insight you send our way is something that you are proud of, but the circumstances leading to it represent you at less than your best. In that case tell us that you do not want recognition as the author for that story. No problem at all. Currently, reviews of content are only carried out by one person (Don Denton) and we will absolutely respect your privacy. Conversely, if you want recognition, let us know exactly how you’d like your name displayed and feel free to include a short bio as well.